About Ola Marketing

Ola brings life to your marketing and business ideas.

In Polynesia "Ola" means "Life." In essence that is what the Ola Marketing services are all about. Helping to bring life to business ideas through a range of Creative Marketing Services.

The Ola Marketing Services are tailored for SME New Zealand business owners, managers, and marketing teams. Working as an extra creative marketing boost in targeted areas to launch or refresh websites, brands, products, and services. Or as an ongoing marketing boost, to keep business momentum through your online marketing or offline marketing initiatives.

With experience across web design and development, branding, creative, advertising, digital marketing, content marketing, FMCG packaging, and business; multi-level decisions can be made on the fly. Meaning a greater understanding of how micro-decisions made, could affect the end result or even potentially impact the brand and marketing.

Communication is always key. Building good relationships that allow for open communication is a high priority. Regular, and informative correspondence provides the foundation for the greatest success. Meaning solutions can be developed proactively rather than reactively.

All businesses are on a journey; some are just starting while others are further down the road. Some brands, products and service are new while others are well established. The most important thing is addressing what your marketing needs are now so you can start planning for tomorrow.

Bring life to your business and marketing with Ola Marketing.