Marketing to the right people

With all the press recently around “Freedom Campers”, is NZ marketing to the right people to visit and holiday in this country?

From reports, it seems that the costs on regional councils to accommodate freedom campers successfully is high. In most regions, it is placing undue pressure on already stretched budgets and rate payers.

Along with higher immigration and the flow on accommodation stretch, it would seem better to keep the focus on enticing higher value tourists to NZ. Potentially these people would spend more, providing a better return to the country and probably would have less environmental impact than large volumes of freedom campers.

Marketing to the right people is an important factor in obtaining the best ROI. Understanding who you are targeting and the value these connections/people are to your business are important aspects to consider when marketing.

Depending on what your business and marketing plan is, it may be better to spend a bit more targeting a higher value niche/group. This niche could be slightly smaller in number, however, if you can convert a good percentage of these you would expect a far better ROI.

If NZ is targeting freedom campers as part of their wider marketing strategy, then they appear to be successful in the growing numbers mentioned in the news. However, it is harder to see a good ROI with all the extra costs on NZ regionally and as a whole.