Website Design And Marketing

Communicate your business online with a compelling web presence to engage and convert your audience.

Your website and its' website design are another cornerstone development for your business, and it’s online / digital marketing.

A website is an exciting platform to express all aspects of your brand. Showcasing the real value and points of difference in your business, products, and services.


Points to consider for a new website design and build.

When approaching a new website design and build or website refreshment, having well-written copy, that is also SEO friendly is a huge bonus to the search and ranking of a website.

The use of strong imagery and engaging content that reinforces your branding and positioning.

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation is another area that is of importance. Converting traffic into actions you want to take place on your website or landing pages.


What is the purpose of your website?

Understanding what marketing function you want your website to perform is a key point to building your website correctly.


Platforms for purpose and development.

The business and marketing purpose of your website will determine what platform is best for your business. If you want to update some of the content yourself, then a CMS such as WordPress is a great option.

There are other options outside of WordPress which are Website Builders which are self-hosted and have their own CMS such as Squarespace, Wix, Duda and Weebly.

For some businesses Website Builders maybe the correct solution. However, a well-supported platform like WordPress provides great flexibility. The platform has excellent functionality options and the ability to integrate third party products help future proof your business investment.


Website marketing.

Most websites will need to be marketed to grow traffic volumes initially. Web marketing strategies may include paid  advertising spend like Adwords. The balance generally is between the spend on the quicker returns on paid traffic, versus, the longer term investment into organic search traffic. Delivering traffic from organic search should be a continuous focus.

Content marketing strategies with good converting landing pages will help deliver better conversion rates from your website.

By implementing ongoing monitoring and measuring, further optimisation will result over time.


Launching your website is just the beginning.

For most businesses and organisations, websites are a living entity. The reality is along with your marketing initiatives, continuous improvements within your business and advancements in your products and services result in the need for regular updates of your website. Ongoing reviews of analytics and further refinement of content and SEO is key to improved ROI.

Along with this, market insights and engaging content should result in your website being a productive and valued cornerstone of your business and marketing.

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