Ready For WordPress 5 Gutenberg?

With the highly anticipated WordPress 5 Gutenberg to be released relatively soon, there are some significant changes ahead.

WordPress is one of the most popular web blog, publishing and CMS platforms in the market. Being open-source it provides a sizeable community developing plugin technologies to provide expanded functionality where necessary and allow the integration of third-party marketing products and platforms. Backed by these strengths many businesses are using WordPress as their preferred website platform of choice.

WordPress 5 will be launched to market with the name Gutenberg. Gutenberg will see the end of the old WYSIWYG editor and change to a more comprehensive editor. The new structure in Gutenberg will allow general formatting of content areas into what WordPress is calling blocks.

WordPress Blocks

Blocks will allow for better control of formatting content than the previous WYSIWYG editor. With more options, more time can now be spent formatting to refine the look of the block content. However, Gutenberg will still be easy for the average user, who simply wants to add or edit copy and add the odd image.

Although blocks appear a fairly simple change on the surface, Gutenberg is a major update to the WordPress platform. As most WordPress sites are built on themes, there can sometimes be potential issues when a major update is released. Along with this is the fact that many themes have become very bloated with additional build options or builders built into the themes themselves.

Well supported themes should maximise the new changes and transition well. However, there could be some that don't, and this may cause some websites to have issues if not managed well.

With a range of new build options available and the release of WordPress 5, websites should be developed on very light themes to keep things clean and fast. These configurations will also provide the opportunity to push web design further to enhance the online web experience for better engagement.

Get Ready

The future is set with WordPress progressing forward with the Wordpress 5 Gutenberg release. It would pay to make sure your WordPress website is up to date, and the theme and build structure implemented on your site will transition to the new version successfully.

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